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VOA (Voice of America) Online News Climb Inside a Capsule 01/27/2017
Seattle Post Intelligencer Newspaper First Capsule in US 01/25/2017
Chinook Observer Chinook, WA Newspaper Space Age Pod 01/25/2017
Daily Astorian Astoria, OR Newspaper Tsunami Evacuation 01/25/2017
IJPR Jefferson Public Radio Radio First Capsule on West Coast 01/25/2017
OPB Oregon Public Broadcasting Radio Survival Option 01/23/2017
KGW 8 Portland, OR Television Survival Capsule Arrives 01/21/2017
KING 5 Seattle, WA Television First Capsule on Long Beach 01/18/2017
Centralia Chronical Centralia, WA Newspaper Tsunami Coming? 01/26/2017

Survival Capsule News & Videos

January 18th, 2017

First Tsunami Survival Capsule deploys to Long Beach, WA

First Capsule The first US Capsule sale was delivered to Long Beach, WA on January 18th 2017. Jeanne J ordered a 2 person capsule in readiness for any potential Tsunami disaster. From here Survival Capsule hopes to supply many other Coastal communities with capsules. King 5 covered the event. Watch the video
January 1st 2017

Survival Capsule to Launch Capsules in the USA and Japan in 2017

Survival shall offer all sized Survival Capsules 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 16 person capsules during 2017. Survival Capsule has potentially 430 order opportunities for various sized capsules

October 31st 3016

Dr. Eddie Bernard Receives the Prestigious Hamaguchi Award in Japan

Dr. Eddie Bernard Award Survival Capsule’s own Dr. Eddie Bernard was selected to receive a highly prestigious Hamaguchi Award for his significant contribution in the development of the tsunami detection and flooding forecast system in use in the USA AND Pacific Rim. This system is better known as the DART buoy system.

October 13th 2016

Survival Capsule meets US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy While visiting Japan in October 2016, Survival Capsule briefly had an opportunity to meet with Caroline Kennedy and introduce the Survival Capsule, Shelter in Place concept. Very impressive lady.

September 14th – 18th, 2016

Survival Capsule Displayed two Capsules at Beakerhead, Calgary, Canada

Eddie and Julian drove two capsules to Beakerhead in Calgary which is an annual festival of where Art mashes with Technology and visitors learn and experience many new and wonderful experience. Thank you Beakerhead – we were honored to have taken part and received much useful feedback from the curious public.

February 15th, 2016

Leading Japanese Tsunami Expert Endorses Survival Capsule Products

Professor Fumihiko Imamura-san

Survival Capsule received a formal letter of endorsement (In both Japanese and English) from Japans leading expert in Tsunami Preparedness and Mitigation, Professor Fumihiko Imamura-san, Director and Professor of Tsunami Engineering, International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS), Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. Professor Fumi Imamura-san described Survival Capsules products as safe, well designed and engineered systems fully capable of preserving life during a Tsunami.

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